Why Own an Aker Scarf?

Why Own an Aker Scarf?

Posted by Ahmet Karadag on

Aker scarves are top quality scarves and we will highlight to you why an 100% pure silk Aker scarf makes a great investment.

1. Water and stain resistant 

After investing years on research, Aker is the first company to use nano-technology to produce water and stain-free silk scarf. You can use an Aker silk scarf for a long time without fear of rain water and stains. 

2. Clearer patterns

With the latest printing technologies, Aker scarves uses pattern drift to avoid any errors. Do also note that Aker production facilities are on of teh largest and modern scarf factories in the world.

3. Top quality yarn

Aker uses the finest silk fabrics available in the world.

4. Edging is done manually

The edge processing of all Aker silk scarves is done individually with great care. No Aker silk scarf's edges are sewn on the machine.

5. No carcinogenic chemicals are used

Some paint and chemicals used in textiles are harmful to human health. Aker Scarves are used in the production of non-carcinogenic paints and materials. Its sensitivity is certified by the international OEKO-TEX quality certificate.

6. Original and fashionable pattern

Aker has a team of in-house designers. The team blends traditional motifs and patterns. Over the years, Aker has produces more than 1000 model color in Turkey scarf fashion. 

7. Brighter

In the high technology production systems of Aker factory, the brightness of silk is maintained at the highest level. With that, the color of an Aker scarf does not wear-out over the years. 


8. Eco-friendly 

Aker factory does not use any substances that are harmful to the worker and the environment at any stage of its production. With that, Aker comply to international certification standard such as OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Owing a Aker scarf is really getting more bang for your bucks!

Happy Shopping!

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