What our customers say about our scarves(OK backup)

Here are some actual codes from Hijab Planet customers:



"I couldn't thank you guys more.. the Armine scarf is divine, and I love how it fit with my outfit" - Abdiya Iman, Spain





"I love the color, prints and texture of my  Turkish scarf. Customer service was good  and patience with my endless questions . Thank you!" - Ada



 "I am enjoying my silk scarves so much!!! I get so    much compliments when I wear it. Thank You!!" -   Fatima, Morocco




"Great impression on my first order. Totally fascinated with stunning and beautiful scarves I received" - Nisrin K, USA





 "The scarf is spectacular. Beautiful colors, fabric and design" - Lamyae A, USA





"I really enjoy wearing your scarves and I get  compliments on daily basis even from people who  don't wear hijab" - Yazmin, London, UK 







"I am enjoying the Aker scarf, immensely & get loads of compliments" - Fara, Canada









"Armine silk twill scarves are amazing! Beautiful prints and I love how the silk twillgets softer and softer after each use"  - Mdm Wati, Malaysia