Why Our Customers Are Always the Best Dressed in the Room

Posted by Ahmet Karadag on

Everyday, customers come to our store in search for something different.. something that WOWs and something that changes them instantly.

Most customers are concerned over the colors, prints and shapes of their scarves. However, there is ONE element that determines their appearances first. 

That is the Fabric!

Did you know that it is the Fabric of your scarf that will determine how chic you look? 

Think of fabric like skin and makeup! Have you noticed how the best makeup is usually found on those with clear and moist skin? That's because the canvas is beautiful to start off with -- and this is the same with scarves!

The ultimate fabric we love the most is real silk because it mimics the elegance of beautiful and healthy skin. It glows, it is rich and luxurious. And just like good skin, it means well-being!

That is why fashionista need to consider the fabric of their scarf for that ultimate polished look. High-quality genuine fabric will make all the difference in their style! 

If you have not try one of our silk scarves, do pop by our store and experience the luxury of a silk scarves! 


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