What is a Turkish Hijab? Why Wear One?

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The term "Turkish hijab" refers to a style of Islamic headscarf or hijab that is commonly worn in Turkey. The hijab is a religious and cultural symbol worn by some Muslim women as a form of modesty and as an expression of their faith.

The Turkish hijab style typically involves a loosely draped headscarf that covers the hair, neck, and sometimes the shoulders, while leaving the face visible.

Turkish Hijab

It often includes a rectangular scarf that is wrapped around the head and secured under the chin or pinned at the shoulder.


However, it's important to note that there are various styles and interpretations of hijab across different regions and cultures, so the Turkish hijab is not the only style worn by Muslim women in Turkey. Turkish hijab are also worn by Muslim women in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

The decision to wear a hijab, including the Turkish hijab style, is a personal choice made by individual Muslim women based on their understanding of their religious beliefs and cultural traditions. Women who choose to wear the hijab often do so as an expression of their devotion to Islam and their desire to maintain their modesty and privacy in accordance with their faith.

It's important to respect the choices of individuals when it comes to their personal beliefs and practices. It is not for others to dictate or impose what someone should wear or why they should wear it. Ultimately, the decision to wear a hijab, including the Turkish hijab, is a personal one, and it varies from person to person.

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