Secret Garden by ARMINE Spring Summer 2022 Collection!

Posted by Salinah Abd on

Spring is here again and the long awaited ARMINE Silk Scarf Spring 2022 collection is finally launched! 

In this season, think "Garden of Edens", "Poésie des Fleurs" and "Tulipmania" as the main theme of this season collection. This collection features soft and calming colors of spring’s pastel, and exciting vibrant colors of Spring. 
Tulips is the highlight of this collection as Tulip holds a significance in our Turkish culture. In Turkey, tulips means perfect love, feminine beauty, perfection, and paradise. If you want to convey your strong emotion to your loved ones, the "Tulipa" scarves will make the perfect gift to your loved ones.
All of Armine silk scarves are made with 100% pure silk with hand-rolled hem. Each scarves comes in two different silk fabric - silk satin vs silk twill. The silk twill fabric is the most popular choice for modern women who wants to be able to style their scarves effortlessly. 
Silk twill has strongly structure and it is longer lasting too. Armine scarves are well known for its top quality.
Other designs to watch out for are colourful retro patterns. Harlequin pattern is also in this season.
As summer is approaching, Armine collection featured some holiday-themed scarves. Great for those who are ready for their summer escapade as the world is opening up post-Covid. 
Needless to say, this collection is worth checking out and it does not disappoint. 
Check out the new Armine Spring Summer collection here.
We do not ship our scarves internationally. We have shipped to USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Lebanon, South Africa, Japan, Israel, Brazil, United Kingdom, Denmark and more... 

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