New ARMINE Spring / Summer 2018 Collection

New ARMINE Spring / Summer 2018 Collection

Posted by Ahmet Karadag on

Armine will be releasing their new Spring/Summer Collection for 2018 in February 2018. If you are an Armine lover, be really excited! In this season, they are bringing the flower power and abstract design, inspired by nature.

Armine has always been creating beautiful scarves since 2001 and they never fail to disappoint. :)

These designer scarves comes in both silk satin weave and silk twill weave. 100% pure silk, and hand-rolled.

The measurement for these square silk scarf is 90cm x 90cm (36" x 36"). This is the perfect size for those who adore the Turkish style.

Without further ado, here's a sneak peak to this year's new Armine Spring Summer Collection:

Love is in the air with this feminine floral silk hijab. The essence of flower is captivating yet empowering:

Armine Silk Twill Hijab

Much thoughts have been put into this year's collection. The team is using eye-catching patterns redefine elegance:

Not a floral person, do not worry, Armine design team got you cover with abstract pattern inspired by nature:

New Armine Spring Summer Collection 2018

The marriage of simplicity and sophistication is harmonious and elegant:

New Armine Scarf at Affordable Price

As usual, Armine team does not disappoint and there are 500 over design to choose from. There's a scarf for every lovely hijabi.

We are now busy uploading this new collection on our website. Stay tuned and keep refreshing the following the new collection page here.



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