Wearing Your Hijab With Style: The Top Tips for Styling Your Hijab

Wearing Your Hijab With Style: The Top Tips for Styling Your Hijab

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Are you looking for some new ways to style your hijab? Read on to learn the top tips for styling a hijab.

Women wear hijabs, or headscarves, for a variety of different reasons. Some women feel it helps them connect to their heritage or culture, others do so because they feel they're expected to.

Whatever your reason for wearing a hijab, or a headscarf, you can still stay modest and rock a fashionable outfit at the same time.

In this article, we'll talk about some of the top tips for creating a head to toe elegant look with your hijab. Remember, even though you've elected to wear a scarf, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your individual sense of style.

Have a Few Neutral Toned Hijabs

You probably already have a few purses and shoes that you can style with several different outfits. They're more than likely neutral colors, like black, tan or white.

If you already have accessories with neutral tones, having a neutrally toned hijab simply makes sense. No matter what outfit you wear, a neutrally toned hijab will add a hint of simplicity to your outfit and will flow with what you're wearing fairly well.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment with bolder hijabs, but the neutral tones can be a go-to when you don't know what scarf to pair with your outfit.

Wear a Hijab In a Complementary Tone

If you're not familiar with the color wheel, click here. This is a very basic chart that helps you figure out which colors work well together. On a color wheel, any two colors opposite one another are viewed as complementary and would work well with your outfit.

Three colors that are evenly spaced throughout the color wheel, and form a triangle when looking at them, are also complementary. This means you can create an outfit from these basic colors and still look put together.

Using the color wheel, you can figure out which outfits go with your hijab, and which hijabs to purchase for your outfits.

Style Seasonable Hijabs With Coordinating Outfits

While neutrally toned hijabs are fantastic for pulling an outfit together, life would get incredibly boring if you only wore the same color day after day. Instead, you'll want to bring some life to your outfit by picking some seasonal hijabs.

In the spring and summer, bright floral patterns are excellent and give your outfit a seasonally appropriate vibe. Many women wear floral patterns during the warmer months, and your hijab can be a homage to the heat.

Follow Hijabi Influencers for Ideas

Social media has made many "normal" people famous, simply because they have a sense of style or a unique talent. Luckily, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media have no shortage of popular hijabi women with a flair for fashion.

These women know how to pull looks together, coordinating their hijabs and outfits. Find an influencer that has a style you envy, and give some of her looks a try. You might just end up shaking up your personal style completely after following your favorite hijabi.

Have Hijabs for Different Occasions

A hijab you wear to a wedding isn't necessarily the same hijab you'd wear to a regular day of school or work. You'll want to invest in a few hijabs for fancy occasions, and a few for more casual, everyday wear. Your hijabs for dressier occasions may be made of more luxurious material and may be more delicate, while your hijabs for everyday wear might be a little bit more durable.

Mind the Weather

Depending on where you live, you'll need to take the weather into account when you purchase a hijab. A wool hijab isn't going to do well in the summer months if you live in California. Likewise, a silk or polyester hijabwill leave you shivering in a New York winter.

Purchase weather-appropriate hijabs, as most hijabis can't wear winter hats, or let their hair air out when they're out and about.

Be conscious of the material of the hijab you purchase before you do. Otherwise, you might end up with one that's simply not wearable.

Try Different Ways of Pinning Your Hijab

You don't have to tie or pin your hijab the same way every day. Many fashionistas who wear hijabs or scarves pin their hijabs differently depending on the outfit or their mood.

Use social media to get ideas on different ways to pin your hijab and don't be afraid to experiment. Many hijabis with YouTube channels give tutorials on different ways to pin their hijab, giving you some unique ideas to try.

Pinterest is also a treasure trove of finding new ways to wear your hijab. Variety is the spice of life, and that applies to your head covering!

Add Accessories

You can add a few accessories, like pins and jewels to your hijab to add a little flavor or kick. Don't be afraid to experiment with them, as they can take your outfit to the next level.

Choosing the Right Hijab for You

Would you like to buy a new hijab that will help bring a bit of style and class to your everyday wear? Why not check out some of the products we have in our store?

Each hijab is made of silk in Istanbul, Turkey, offering you the finest craftsmanship in gorgeous patterns to choose from.

Kick off the spring months with a brand new hijab to bring a little bit of extra color into your wardrobe by browsing our selection of beautifully patterned scarves.

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