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Why are your silk scarves so expensive?

Silk Twill vs Silk Satin

How do I care for my silk scarves?

What sizes are your square hijabs scarves?

Aren't the 90 x 90 square hijabs too small?

Do you have larger hijab scarves?

Do you sell cheaper hijab scarves?

Promotion & Pricing

Do you have discounts or coupons?

Can I use more than one coupon code on the same time order?

Can I use a coupon code for more than one order?


Is it safe to order online?

What are my payment options?

What do I do if I’ve received an incorrect, damaged or faulty item?

What do I do if an item is missing from my order?

Do you offer a lay-by service?

Why is my Credit Card being declined?

Do you charge sales tax?

Do you accept International Orders?

Can I return sale items?

Can I return a clearance items?